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Preface: Please note that this website is of private nature, and any legal information, like this document, is presented solely because 1) it's nice for you to know, and 2) I'm trying to cover my ass. The strict rules that apply to commercial websites do not apply here.

What kind of data is collected?

This website does not collect any data about you (e.g. it doesn't use Cookies or JavaScript), except it of course has the usual server log with IP address, date/time, browser version, referrer address, and viewed documents (Which doesn't enable me to identify you as a person.) - and there's also an embedded video which, according to YouTube, does not collect any data about you unless you play it, because I opted for "enhanced privacy". From the linked page: "When you turn on privacy-enhanced mode, YouTube won’t store information about visitors on your website unless they play the video."

The software you can download from this website generally does not collect any data about you (at least none is sent outside your PC), but if one of them does (e.g. SlaloM), then it will clearly inform you whenever you're about to take an action / make a setting that will effect this, and such software would also have its own privacy policy explaining these things and what happens to the data. In the case of SlaloM, it can be found folded into the link "[privacy policy]" in the download section.

Is the data safe?

You can only access this website via HTTPS (read: encryption), and any data transmission implemented in software you can download here, too, happens via HTTPS, except if you explicitly switch to HTTP.

Deletion of personally identifiable information?

In the very exceptional case that this website (So far imaginary.), or software you can download here (SlaloM can optionally collect your Steam user name!), would collect any personally identifiable data about you, you can 1) request a list of such data, and 2) request such data to be deleted, which will both take place as soon as reasonably possible. Just contact me via the email address shown in the imprint.