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Software License

Applies to all Dreamspace President software
unless explicitly stated otherwise.


DP-lic-1 v[6, 2017-02-04 13:00 UTC]

By using SP, you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you disagree, close SP and delete it.

The purpose of the agreement is to express the author's will and to express their appreciation of your supposed will. It is the author's conviction that this purpose is served best by improving upon this agreement from time to time. Therefore, newer versions of this agreement posted here retroactively supersede older versions, since those changes mostly consist of rephrasings or extensions in the original spirit.

YOU MAY: Keep copies of SP for any time. Distribute SP to anyone. Run SP to use it in the obviously intended way.

YOU MAY NOT: Use or publish any portions of the source code. Use parts of SP via other programs, e.g. instantiate classes or call methods. Alter SP in any way. Receive compensation for SP, e.g. indirectly via advertisements.

The author, dreamspace-president.com, DOES NOT GUARANTEE but ensured as far as reasonably possible that SP WILL NOT: Violate your privacy, e.g. by transmitting data without your consent. Harm or change functionality or settings of hardware or software (e.g. the OS) it runs on or is connected to, or delete or change any files outside its dedicated folder (WHICH YOU MAY HAVE TO CREATE YOURSELF), except if you command it to.